Back pain and neck pain are common and disabling.  But GREAT NEWS: they are also avoidable and correctable.   I will guide you step by step, starting with a one-on-one discovery call with myself, Alicia Watson, master trainer, to assess and learn how I can best provide you with exactly the personalized program needed to correct your imbalances and posture issues due to sitting at your desk for most of the day and or sitting in your car driving for long periods. We will first determine if this class is something that is appropriate for you.

But ask yourself these questions:

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Do I feel tired after my workday, where I sit at My desk all day?

Am I experiencing any of the following:

1. Neck pain and stiffness

2. Increased risk of shoulder, neck, and back injuries

3. Upper and lower back pain

4. Joint pain

5. Poor circulation

6. Compression of internal organs

7. Poor digestion

8. Tension headaches

9. Fatigue

10. Poor focus and concentration.

If you are than this challenge is for you!