Who is Alicia Watson?

Alicia Watson is a master personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Alicia has over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in designing individualized fitness programs to help her clients achieve their fitness and health goals.

Alicia’s Experience

Alicia is highly experienced in identifying client imbalances and has vast experience working with an array of ailments and health or mobility issues, ranging from scoliosis, diabetes, stroke, knee replacements, hip replacements, rotator cuff, heart conditions, osteoporosis, limited range of motion, balance issues, postural issues and so much more, with great success!

Alicia’s Focus

Alicia’s focus is to create client-specific programs tailored to their needs and goals to help them become fit for life!

Each program is completely individualized, balanced with the appropriate corrective exercises and resistance training for long-term success. Alicia has assisted clients of all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. Her ultimate goal is to guide her clients to a place of self-discovery by strengthening the connection between mind and muscle, personal empowerment, and teaching them to take a mindful approach to their own health and wellness.

Alicia’s Accomplishments

Alicia’s vast array of certifications and awards to her credit, include a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences from San Diego State University, American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), Master Trainer Level, Strength and Conditioning, Certificate in Corrective Exercise, Stability, Core and Balance Training (Senior Specialist), and TRX Suspension Training Certification.

Alicia’s Competitions

Alicia competed in her first National Physique Committee (NPC) Bodybuilding competition at age 50 in the Figure Category. Alicia felt if she could demonstrate that despite her age (50), having brought 3 children into the world, as well as being diagnosed with acute Scoliosis, she would inspire and motivate her clients to achieve their goals as well.

By competing in a challenging category, to prove her point, she felt it was important to not just compete in her age group, which was the Masters’ age 45 and up.

Alicia signed up to compete in all categories and age groups! Alicia competed in Novice Figure (all ages), Open Figure (all ages), Masters (35 and up), Masters (40 and up), and Masters (45 and up). As a result, Alicia took home five 1st place trophies including 1st place in the Overall Masters category, thereby earning National Qualified Figure Competitor status and earning an invitation to compete in an NPC Pro Figure Competition to receive her Pro Card.

Alicia believes age is just a number, it doesn’t define you or limit you unless you believe it does. To succeed, does require dedication, consistency, and patience, but she would be by your side every step of the way to keep you on track.

Alicia’s Mission

Alicia’s mission is to assist others in reaching their fitness goals through guidance, education, and individually designed exercise programs. Alicia believes in promoting healthy lifestyle habits and motivation in order for clients to develop habits of excellence.

Alicia Has Helped All Types of People

Alicia has worked with clients from all walks of life. From a 92-year-old man recovering from a severe stroke to an aspiring young bodybuilder preparing for his first competition. From a middle age woman wanting to lose that unwanted hormonal weight gain to an almost 50-year-old with the goal of improving core strength to improve his golf game and the 6 pack he always wanted by his 50th birthday!

These are just a few types of clients Alicia has helped.

Alicia enjoys helping people reach their potential and live a fully functional life and reduce any existing imbalances to overcome any and all possible limitations.

Alicia’s Message

Alicia’s message to anyone who would like to make a positive change in their health, physical ability, and/ or physique, is that with the right guidance and commitment, consistency, and a good sprinkling of patience, you can achieve what you believe!

Believing is the first step, the second is to seek the help of a certified fitness professional!

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing what’s impossible.” ~ Saint Francis