In today’s world, there is a new epidemic on the rise, and it isn’t a new variant of Covid! However, it may be related to the shift in our lifestyles, having to work from home, sitting all day, staring at a screen, or down at our phones. Not to mention, usually, when our office is in our homes, we tend to sit at our desks for longer stretches, longer workdays, and have less movement. The body is designed to move and not sit for great lengths of time! It only makes sense, that, before long, your posture has deteriorated. You may find yourself slouching & shoulders rounded forward, your chin jutting forward and your head down, more than ever and you may be feeling the strain in your upper back and neck. After all, our little neck has to support this structure which is substantially heavy and even more so with every inch it is forward. But guess what, it doesn’t stop there. Our body is a kinetic chain, a chain of movement. Remember the old children’s song called the Skeleton Dance which sings about how our bones are all connected? It sings how the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the knee bone, and on and on it goes. So, one imbalance in the neck or shoulders can work its way down till it affects say the hip or knee. When we are not aligned or have become imbalances, it can cause adverse effects throughout the entire body and can create other areas to compensate and be strained or injured, not to mention, painful. We don’t develop poor posture overnight, but it’s happening faster due to the fact that we rely on our phones, and computers, sit for way too long of a time, as well as drive in our cars everywhere. Now, what if I told you in just five minutes a day you could possibly prevent and or regain proper posture again? That in this challenge, upon completion, you will learn effective stretches that can be done at your desk, be able to relax those tight muscles through pressure points and release techniques, not to mention significantly help reduce low back pain and hip pain. You also will know how to release those tight areas through foam rolling via SMR ( self-myofascial release), increase your mobility and range of motion of your shoulders which is something that happens naturally as we age but it doesn’t have to!